Welcome to Team Silverfish Racing site.

This is a story about a group of friends sharing same interest, motor sport.

The story of the “fish car” dates back to the early 2000s, when friends Pasi and Harri were watching some track races. Some kind of inspiration bug bite and they had to get on the track too somehow, with own car.

As a solid MoPar man and practical visionary, Pasi managed to influence the choice of the car quite strongly. Harri is a natural driver, so the division of labor did not make it difficult. Pasi envisions and builds, Harri assists in construction and drives.

In 2002 mutual friend were selling his ’66 Plymout Barracuda Formula-S. Luckily there were no time to break this one apart, as Pasi was offered an other one. This time ’65 Plymouth Barracuda with roll cage inside, all major modifications done. Car were disassembled into parts whose parts were sprinkled on several plots. However, the price and condition were appropriate, so the deals were made. The class was then selected as Historic F / A. Later, when exploring the discovery in his own garage, the engine turned out to be Commando, so it could be a small lottery win.

After a couple of years of construction, the first race in Kemora were achieved in 2005. Barracuda had steel rims, cast iron exhaust manifolds and so on. Success was to be waited for a while.

Silverfish - perkins
Barracuda in its first layout. Pulled by British made Dodge with Perkins Diesel.

Over the years Pasi and Harri has managed to find many talented friends to help improve the car. Also the results have improved. 2007 Kemora’s first class win. 2010 first Gulf Historic Race CUP Championship. 2014 Nordic Historic Challenge Championship. And the story goes on…